Campsite activities Treguennec

Hiking in South Finistère

If you are an enthusiast of walking and hiking, Finistère is full of short hiking trails that will help you discover the wonders of our region. A FFRP guide to short walks in Finistère is available at the reception desk (loan against deposit) as well as the guide to the GR34 part of the Pays Bigouden.

Would you like to walk this coastal path, which was voted France’s favourite GR in 2019? Then you are in the right place, at the Kerlaz campsite, which makes it a privileged bivouac for hikers travelling this GR.
It is possible to rent the campétoile hut for 2 people for one night during the whole camping season, even in high season.

However, in the low season, if you wish, you can rent a mobile home or chalet for one night. Hikers are welcome on our campsite, as we ourselves are hikers and nature lovers. We are also certified as a “Rando-Accueil” and “accueil vélo”.

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Mountain bike route in West Cornwall

If you practice mountain biking, the Bigouden country will be a splendid playground. In order to help you discover the west of Cornouaille and South Finistère, we have at your disposal at the reception the 15 mountain bike loops and permanent courses labelled by FFVélo (loan against deposit).

The cycle route 5 and the greenways Pont-l’Abbé-Quimper and Quimper-Douarnenez.
About Gravel, cyclotourism or family cycling, don’t hesitate to ride the cycle route 5 which passes close to the Kerlaz campsite with the accueil-vélo label. For family outings, why not try the greenways which will take you from Pont-l’Abbé to Quimper on an old railway line or from Quimper to Douarnenez (map available at the reception).

Are you cycling or walking, and would you like to spend a night at our campsite? We have a special formula for hikers or cyclists with a tent.
It is also possible to secure your bike in a locked shed.
In high season the snack bar is open for your meals and it is possible to book your breakfast. However, in low season, for dinner, you must contact the Kerlaz campsite, which will be able to provide you with the necessary groceries for your dinner (to be booked at least the day before).

Nature walks

Coming on holiday to the Bigouden country means loving nature, history, the ocean, the birds… Every summer and very often during the Easter, All Saints’ Day and Christmas holidays, nature walks are offered.
Thus, in 2020, every Tuesday, a nature outing was organised in Tréguennec, in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.
Two themes are proposed:

  • The one rather oriented on the world of birds, listening to songs, on the observation at the pond of Saint Vio through ornithological glasses.
  • The second, will plunge you rather into the second world war with the construction of the Atlantic wall! You will be very surprised to discover the enigmatic crusher built on the dam of Tréguennec!
    Steven will take the opportunity to explain the unexpected effects on biodiversity. Steven is an excellent storyteller that you will have the privilege to listen.

The amazing thing is that he recognises all the bird songs! And, on the walks, he will introduce you to local plants on the paths you take and each time, he will give you their greenness! A nature walk with Steven is an invitation to a distant journey to an unknown land!

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Still in Tréguennec, on Wednesdays, he will meet you at La maison de la Baie d’Audierne for a family activity. He will take you for a little outing and you will be amazed to see that with natural elements collected during your family walk, he will teach you to make an object such as a musical instrument… Steven will certainly tell you a Breton legend during this family workshop.

For information, every day of the week, a nature walk is organised in the Bigouden country, at the Pointe de la Torche, at the Roscouré wood or at the Polder de Combrit.
During the summer, nature outings also take place in the evening for storytelling walks! A much awaited and much appreciated event.

Bird ringing at the Trunvel ornithological reserve in Tréguennec

As you know, the pond of Trunvel is located near the Kerlaz campsite.

If you like or are bird enthusiasts, visit the Banding Station, unique in France. Located in the heart of the reedbed of Audierne Bay, it has existed since 1988.

Every day, from July 1 to October 31, you can access freely and free of charge to the Banding Station, you will be welcomed by the team present on site who will explain to you the phenomenon of bird migration and why it is important and necessary to protect natural areas.

The people who work there are banders and from dawn they set up nets to capture the birds. So theyexamine them, identify them and then band them and set them free.

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Between 8,000 and 11,000 birds are ringed each year at Trunvel! They can even capture more than 300 birds a day!
The ring that the bander puts on the bird will allow it to know where it goes when it is caught again. So his ring is like a passport for a migratory bird.
Trunvel’s most faithful birds are kingfishers, reed warblers and water rails.
Every year, the Trunvel station attracts many ornithologists.

For information, in 2020, 6,083 birds were captured for 54 different species such as Common Wheatears, Moustached Parakeets, but also 1 Little Sparrow, 1 White-fronted Redstart…. During this period, 6 ringers were present and 35 ringing assistants took turns to help and therefore ensure the operation of the ringing station!

Our other activities at the campsite